The Jersey Devil Podcast

Back in 1735 a woman gave birth to what was believed to be the son of Satan, the Jersey Devil. Ever since a winged creature has tormented the south of New Jersey. In this episode we deconstruct the origin story and determine does the Jersey Devil exist? Paranormal Thoughts Podcast · The Jersey Devil Podcast

Haunted Theme Parks Podcast

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Disneyland, Six Flags & Thorpe Park all have something in common… They are all theme parks which are supposably haunted. From ancient burial sites to tragic deaths, these locations are defiantly contenders for some of the most haunted locations out there.

Paranormal Thoughts Podcast · Haunted Theme Parks Podcast


The One Way Man Ghost at Disneyland California –


The Haunted Castle Six Flags Great Adventure

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Thorpe Park Ghostly Images



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Interview with an Abductee: Adam Podcast

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Interview with an Abductee, the segment where we hear from ordinary people who have had ET abduction experiences. Adam is a 29 year old Research Psychologist from Massachusetts. We speak about his close encounters of the 4th/5th kind and get to hear an interesting take on abduction from a Research Psychologist.

Paranormal Thoughts Podcast · Interview with an Abductee: Adam Podcast

Poltergeist Podcast

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“Poltergeist” was once a term used to explain paranormal hauntings. Today I feel the word is seldom seen. What is a poltergeist? Is it a spirit that is completely different from a “regular ghost?” Is it even technically a ghost at all? In this episode we look at all aspects of what makes up a poltergeist and hear some of the best known cases on record of their hauntings.



Enfield Poltergeist Doco


El Chupacabra Podcast

Paranormal Thoughts Podcast - El Chupacabra

One of the best known cryptids reported to this day, the El Chupacabra has been seen all throughout the Americas. This creature has terrorized farmers for years, feeding on the blood of their livestock. Join me in this episode as we dig into everything there is to know about the famous El Chupacabra.



South American drawing



North American drawing






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Bigfoot – Sasquatch – Yowie – Yeti Podcast

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All around the world, sightings are made of an unknown beast. Most commonly known as “Bigfoot” the best kept secret in cryptozoology. In this episode we go through the reasons I believe this creature is 100% real…


The Patterson Gimlin Sasquatch Footage


ThinkerThunker Clips




Audio Recordings of Bigfoot



Genetic analysis of hair samples attributed to Yeti, Bigfoot and other anomalous primates PDF