Playing With A Ouija Board Podcast

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For the longest time I have been interested in trying the very feared and dreaded Ouija Board for myself. I decided to order a board off the internet and record a podcast with it. In this unedited episode hear and see what it’s really like to use a Ouija Board.




Rob & Trish MacGregor – Owls, Aliens & Synchronicities Podcast

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Rob & Trish MacGregor are authors that focus on topics ranging from synchronicity, alien abduction, the spirit world and many other paranormal topics. In this episode we talk about the synchronicity of us all meeting and some events in our lives that have proven powerful.


Links to Rob & Trish:

UFO Abduction Files – The Kelly Cahill Case Podcast

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August 1993, Kelly Cahill and her husband find themselves in a situation they could never have conceived. On a car ride home through Victoria Australia the couple come face to face with 7 foot tall alien beings. Join me as we look into one of the most interesting alien abduction cases to come out of Australia.


Witness Sketches of Aliens

Carhill Aliens

Witness Sketches of UFO

Carhill UFOS




Cahill marks
2nd Car Witness Scare
Cahill Triangle
Cahill Triangle Mark

UFO Abduction Files – The Travis Walton Case Podcast

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Seven men, alone in the woods. Out of nowhere, a bright light appears. This is the beginning of one of the most, well-known UFO abduction stories. In this podcast, we delve into the very detailed account of Travis Walton – who was abducted for five days.


Travis Walton First hand Report


Alien Beings


Walton Humanoids



UFO Abduction Files – The Betty & Barney Hill Case Podcast

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Join me as we look into some of the biggest and most famous UFO abduction cases. This episode focuses on one of the most known abduction cases ever studied. Betty & Barney Hill’s case was one of the first ever of it’s kind. The couples lives were forever changed after an experience driving home one night in 1961.






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Betty Hill’s Alien Bust “Jr”



Betty Hill UFO photograph

Betty Hill UFO

Manifesting Your Worst Fears Podcast

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The power of our mind is incredible. The amount of positivity we can bring to the world through powerful thinking is shown day in and out. What if something negative was given enough power that it could become a real fear? Something that could exist in someway in our world? Is this what the once creepypasta story “the Slenderman” has become?




Paranormal Investigation at the National Railway Museum Part 1 Podcast

In this two part episode, we join paranormal investigators from Adelaide’s Haunted Horizon’s on an investigation of Adelaide’s National Railway Museum.



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We join Alison Oborn on a private tour/investigation of one of South Australia’s most haunted spots. In this episode we sit down with Alison and talk all things that one would ask a paranormal investigator. Haunted Horizons is a full time ghost tour group who are ready for you to join them on a tour.


Haunted Horizons website –

Haunted Horizons Facebook –


The Westall UFO Incident Podcast

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Australia’s biggest UFO coverup and one of the worlds most sighted UFO events. 1966 in Westall Victoria Australia a school filled with children witness three “saucer” shaped craft in the sky. The events that followed led to a massive coverup with children and adults being silenced. In this episode I speak with Suzanne Savage who witnessed the event at the age of 13.


Throughout the episode I use audio found from “Westall 66: A Suburban UFO Mystery”

The Men in Black

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You have witnessed a UFO. You make a report or go public with your claim. A black car turns up at your home. Two men step out of the car in black suits and approach you. The men threaten you to keep quiet and to forget about your experience. There is something off about these men that is beyond strange. You have just encountered the Men in Black…


Photo evidence of the Men in Black

Jersey City 1968


Caught on tape




The Solway Firth Spaceman photo that caused an MIB encounter 1964