The Men in Black

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You have witnessed a UFO. You make a report or go public with your claim. A black car turns up at your home. Two men step out of the car in black suits and approach you. The men threaten you to keep quiet and to forget about your experience. There is something off about these men that is beyond strange. You have just encountered the Men in Black…


Photo evidence of the Men in Black

Jersey City 1968


Caught on tape




The Solway Firth Spaceman photo that caused an MIB encounter 1964




Most Haunted Places – Australia

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In this episode we look into some of the most haunted locations in Australia. From the morbid history of Port Arthur through to the unexpectedly haunted National Film and Sound Archives and everywhere in between.


National Film & Sound Archive



Port Arthur




Port Arthur Paranormal:


Fremantle Arts Centre




Boggo Road Gaol




Monte Cristo Homestead



Photo References:,_Tasmania

The Mysteries of Easter Island

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In this episode we look into the much unknown Easter Island. Focusing mainly on extraterrestrial involvement we look into some theories and why it may not be that far fetched.


The Ahu Platform



The Navel of the World



Photo references:’s/ahu-akivi-built-in-1460-is-an-unusual-site-in-several-nieuwsfotos/466649317#/ahu-akivi-built-in-1460-is-an-unusual-site-in-several-respects-a-low-picture-id466649317

Interview with an Abductee: Alena J. Podcast

Interview with an Abductee, the segment where we hear from ordinary people who have had ET abduction experiences. Alena is a nineteen year old from Oklahoma who has recently experienced alien abduction. Since this time Alena has uncovered memories of being taken as a child also. In this episode we hear of Alena’s first hand experiences and what she makes of it all.

Sketches from Alien of the beings she witnessed.


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Please feel free to get in touch if you have had an experience that you would like to talk about –

The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster was first sighted in the 6th Century with reports still being made today. Is this more than just one of the longest going hoax’s? Look into the evidence and theories to what might be living in Loch Ness in this Episode of Paranormal Thoughts Podcast.


1933 Loch Ness Hoax 1933 Hoax

Lake Champlain “Champ”







Quartz Theory


Most Haunted Places – America Podcast

Most Haunted Places – Looking into some of the worlds best known locations for the paranormal. This episode we look at the U.S.A

From family homes to asylums, America is full of haunted locations. We chose a handful that we believe are haunted and have some evidence to back up those claims.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio


Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Audio

The Whaley House Audio


The Queen Mary Audio


Demonic Possession: Fact or Fiction Podcast

The idea of demonic possession is not a new concept for anyone here reading this. I have been interested in the topic for years and have gone through many different stages of believing. This is me giving the opinion I have formed over the years from researching. I still feel I think there is more to possession then meets the eye and we need to look more into it. If what we see and hear is 100% real then this is truly terrifying. This episode we break down is demonic possession fact or fiction.



Inner Demons: Suburban Exorcists