UFO Abduction Files – The Buff Ledge Camp Abduction Podcast

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In 1968 two camp counselors were abducted from the Buff Ledge Camp off the shores of Lake Champlain. The two teenagers reported an extremely detailed experience from witnessing a UFO to being onboard the craft. This is definitely a case any ufologist is going to want to hear.


Paranormal Thoughts Podcast · UFO Abduction Files – The Buff Ledge Camp Abduction Podcast


Poltergeist Podcast

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“Poltergeist” was once a term used to explain paranormal hauntings. Today I feel the word is seldom seen. What is a poltergeist? Is it a spirit that is completely different from a “regular ghost?” Is it even technically a ghost at all? In this episode we look at all aspects of what makes up a poltergeist and hear some of the best known cases on record of their hauntings.



Enfield Poltergeist Doco


El Chupacabra Podcast

Paranormal Thoughts Podcast - El Chupacabra

One of the best known cryptids reported to this day, the El Chupacabra has been seen all throughout the Americas. This creature has terrorized farmers for years, feeding on the blood of their livestock. Join me in this episode as we dig into everything there is to know about the famous El Chupacabra.



South American drawing




North American drawing







Want to know more about Chupacabra? – http://www.princeton.edu/~accion/chupa.html

Bigfoot – Sasquatch – Yowie – Yeti Podcast

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All around the world, sightings are made of an unknown beast. Most commonly known as “Bigfoot” the best kept secret in cryptozoology. In this episode we go through the reasons I believe this creature is 100% real…


The Patterson Gimlin Sasquatch Footage


ThinkerThunker Clips




Audio Recordings of Bigfoot



Genetic analysis of hair samples attributed to Yeti, Bigfoot and other anomalous primates PDF


Skinwalker Podcast


Skinwalkers are one of the most popular “creepypasta” searches online to date. The only thing is, that they are not make believe. Skinwalkers are apart of Native American culture and have been for thousands of years. If you don’t believe in a shapeshifting witch, I would maybe think again.



Skinwalker Sketch ChangingSkinwalker.jpghttps://www.legendsofamerica.com/navajo-skinwalkers/


Jeremy Corbell Documentary


Ghost Adventures – Skinwalker Canyon


Far North Queensland Sighting?


Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory with Mark Sargent Podcast

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Everyone knows about Flat Earth right? It’s that bizarre theory that the world turns out not to be round like a ball but rather round like a plate? This is the most controversial topic to date that I have looked into. With millions of people all over the world believing in this theory I wanted to talk to an expert. Mark Sargent is a Flat Earther who creates videos, has written books and has featured in documentaries all about Flat Earth. In this podcast you will hear the many layers behind this theory and who knows, you might even buy into it?



Behind The Curve – featuring Mark Sargent


How Mark sees the world:14999360_web1_L1-FlatEarthSargent-EDH-181025.jpgPhoto from https://www.heraldnet.com/news/hes-semi-famous-for-being-flat-out-wrong-about-earth/


NASA Moon Landing photo



Shadow People Podcast

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You wake up in the middle of the night, unable to move and feel the sensation of being watched. You open your eyes to find a dark shadowy figure standing in your room, watching silently. In this episode we breakdown some of the knowledge we have gathered about these beings to hopefully open our minds to what “Shadow People” might be.

All stories featured in this episode were found on “The Official Shadow People Archives” which can be found at this address – http://shadowpeople.dotster.com/shadowpeople.html