The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster was first sighted in the 6th Century with reports still being made today. Is this more than just one of the longest going hoax’s? Look into the evidence and theories to what might be living in Loch Ness in this Episode of Paranormal Thoughts Podcast.


1933 Loch Ness Hoax 1933 Hoax

Lake Champlain “Champ”







Quartz Theory



Most Haunted Places – America Podcast

Most Haunted Places – Looking into some of the worlds best known locations for the paranormal. This episode we look at the U.S.A

From family homes to asylums, America is full of haunted locations. We chose a handful that we believe are haunted and have some evidence to back up those claims.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio


Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Audio

The Whaley House Audio


The Queen Mary Audio


Demonic Possession: Fact or Fiction Podcast

The idea of demonic possession is not a new concept for anyone here reading this. I have been interested in the topic for years and have gone through many different stages of believing. This is me giving the opinion I have formed over the years from researching. I still feel I think there is more to possession then meets the eye and we need to look more into it. If what we see and hear is 100% real then this is truly terrifying. This episode we break down is demonic possession fact or fiction.



Inner Demons: Suburban Exorcists

Extraterrestrial Message with Gary Parker

Gary Parker set out to create a world peace project, restoring the Great Pyramid in Egypt. When his research began he noticed some strange never seen before writing on the side of the Great Pyramid in an aerial NASA photo. This message was only the beginning of Gary’s fascinating story, leading him making contact with an alien higher being and answering questions humanity has forever had.


                                    NASA Photo





      Alien in the NASA Photo

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Gary’s Sketch of the higher being


Ancient text, “I Am Who I Am. Creator of All Things”


Hebrew text, “God and the Lord of the Underworld”



Gary explains The Great Pyramid

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Hieroglyphics inside The Great Pyramid



Gary’s drawing of what he seeing in the hieroglyphics


The Bermuda Triangle



The Bermuda Triangle, still to this day one of the worlds greatest mysteries. Half a million miles worth of water where ships and aircraft have gone missing without a trace. This episode we cover cases that have occurred and reasons for why the disasters happen in the Triangle.


Flight 19 Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers Flight 19


What Makes Compasses Go Haywire?


Bruce Gernon Time Warp

Sea World’s Bermuda Triangle Ride (from when I was a kid)


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Missing Link How I Got My Alien Abduction Footage Interview

What if we could view footage of the accounts we have heard time and time again? What if we could see a POV shot of being in the presence of Extraterrestrials? Missing Link, How I Got My Alien Abduction Footage does exactly that. “An 18 year old teenager shares his alien abduction footage recorded during a 10 month period using customized micro cameras. “You’ll see first hand, what alien abductees have been describing for decades.”

We speak with one of the editors currently working on the final product. We get some more insight and a small glimpse into what to expect.

Missing Link –