The Starchild Skull – The Extraterrestrial Smoking Gun


The Starchild Skull, the smoking gun for all Extraterrestrial researchers and people who take interest in the topic. A deformed skull was fun in Mexico in the 30s. From that time the skull has been found to have non human qualities. This podcast goes into the history and the findings of The Starchild Skull.

Both Skulls found in Mexico, Left Starchild – Right Human


Grey Alien next to an image of what the Starchild is believed to appear

Alien 01

Examples of Elongated skulls


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Alein Abduction Thoughts

Alien Abduction, not a new topic on the podcast by any means. Though I wanted to express my thoughts and opinions on the topic some more. Whether you believe in it or not I still think it is an important issue yo think about and be aware of. Get in touch if you want to speak about your experiences or thoughts.


Interview with an Abductee: Christian S.

Interview with an Abductee is a on going segment on the podcast. I speak with people from all over the world about their alien abduction/contact experiences. Christian S. is an experiencer from Alabama America. Christian is one of the most sceptical experiencers I have spoken with. This means Christian has not jumped to any conclusions and has thought at great lengths about his experiences trying to make sense of them. The topic of alien abduction is extremely difficult for people to come out and speak about. This was one of the only times Christian has spoken to anyone about this topic, let alone a stranger conducting an interview.

The being Christian witnessed in his Grandmother sewing room  

Christian ET


If you or anyone you know has had a contact/abduction experience and would like to speak out about an experience, please feel free to get in touch at

If you do not want to appear on the podcast but are just after speaking with someone who will listen and understand feel free to email me for a chat.

The Mothman


West Virginia in the 60s had a sudden outbreak of sightings of a half man half bird creature. The Mothman is said to be a messenger, a warning for disaster. Over one hundred people saw the Mothman in Point Pleasant and people claim to still see it today. We talk about what the Mothman is and go into how much deeper the mystery goes.


Scoured Images:

Government Involvement in UFOs & Extraterrestrial Contact

In this podcast I share a few of my thoughts on what I think is going on in the government in terms of UFOs and E.Ts. I talk about how I don’t feel it is near as important as some believe. I think a lot of the questions we have we may already have answers for.

The governments involvements are only a piece of the puzzle I believe. We ask ourselves why are we being visited? Why are they making contact? Why have they always been here throughout history. I feel a lot of these questions won’t be answered through a government, the people who know are those who have experiences. Some know more than others, with some not even knowing they are contacted. My plan is to interview and to speak with more people who can help unlock the answers to these questions in my series “Interview With an Abductee”

Interview With an Abductee: Caleb Booker Podcast

Episode 2 of Interview With an Abductee. Caleb Booker is a working psychic from Canada who has had his fair share of paranormal experiences. This interviews focus is on the events Caleb has had throughout his life with E.Ts. We also get some great insight into Caleb’s work as a psychic and how that relates to his experiences.

For more information about Caleb Booker please check out his website here

During the interview Caleb retells of attending a local abductee support group. When in attendance he is shown a handful of paintings by the psychic artist Christine Kesara Dennett. The image below is of the beings Caleb has been visited by.


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